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All Categories > Glycolic Acids and Special Treatments: All Skin Types

Price: $64.95

Glycolic Facial Lotion

An exfoliating, oil-free glycolic treatment lotion ideal for a more intense in-home peel. Contains green tea, licorice and hyaluronic acid.

Price: $64.95

Glycolic Serum

A combination of glycolic acid (sugar) malic acid (fruit) and lactic acid (soured milk) in an aloe-based alpha-hydroxy complex that promotes exfoliation and purifies and hydrates the skin.

Price: $36.95

Glycolic Cleanser

A gentle exfoliating gel that gently cleanses the skin. Anti-inflammatory and hydrating agents are added for greater effectiveness. Contains green tea and licorice.

Price: $40.95

Soft Grain Scrub

Soft scrub containing an alpha-hydroxy agent and enzyme with natural grains to exfoliate (lift off) dead skin cells. Contains aloe vera, glycolic acid, soybean oil, corn meal and oat flour.

Price: $32.95

Liquid Gold

A dynamic, non-greasy, highly lubricating and finely textured liquid that softens the skin with natural fatty acids, herbal botanical extracts and vitamins. It shields against environmental aggression and is ideal to use after your moisturizer and before foundation. Nick named "the makeup artist's dream!"