“Thank you for your wonderful book! I feel much more comfortable about going into surgery with this knowledge.”
-P. Diaz, La Jolla, CA

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Susan Gail Enterprises
La Jolla, California

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Contact cosmetic surgery procedure consultant Susan Gail for important information and inspirational tips for cosmetic surgery preparations.

Susan Gail Dedicated to Beauty Inside and Out


I realize that the worlds of skin care and cosmetics are often hard to traverse without a map. From the minute you walk into my office there will be no smoke or mirrors...no fancy promises...no false hopes. What my clients always receive is my complete attention and commitment to truth and excellence. I listen intently to what your concerns and fears are. Every women I know has a cosmetic "horror" story! I want to hear yours.

Additional services include makeup application for head shots for brochures, corporate newsletters and web-sites. Further guidance with hair, clothing and jewelry is also available for photo shoots.

Being within your comfort zone is my goal and desire. So is shifting your vision of yourself. I am convinced after almost thirty years in this business, that what our eyes see in the mirror is often skewed. I work at aligning your perceptions with reality.

You will come to my office by appointment only. I will ask you to come with your face already made up as you do each day. You will bring all your current skin care, colors and brushes. I will tell you what works and what doesn't. The choice to do whatever you want with this information will be yours alone. All my clients are fully aware up front that no purchases are ever necessary. This is very important to establish immediately.


I will:

  1. 1. Analyze and review your current makeup strategies.
  2. 2. Review all your current skin care products and methods of use.
  3. 3. Analyze the current condition of your skin.
  4. 4. Discuss your current goals versus fashion trends.
  5. 5. Introduce you to my state-of-the-art facial and body skin care for in home use.
  6. 6. Remove all your makeup with a customized mini-facial followed by a glycolic treatment with Amino Lift Peptide, Line Filler and Face Firming Complex
  7. 7. Personalize your makeup application system with:
    1. A. Camouflage and concealers to mask any imperfections.
    2. B. Foundation and powder to perfectly match your skin tone.
    3. C. Shaping and defining your brows.
    4. D. Contour for your facial architecture, cheeks and neck where needed
    5. E. Applying the latest makeup techniques to bring out and enhance your eyes.
    6. F. Shaping and defining your lips.
    7. G. Proper usage of brushes and applicators.

All of this information will be detailed on a chart I call, your BLUEPRINT FOR BEAUTY. It will be a paint-by-number representation of exactly what I created on your face so you can reproduce your new look easily at home.

You will always be able to check in via email or phone with questions or problems. Once you are my client, I will always provide this type of assistance.

Call 619-889-0872 for your appointment today. All questions are important and none are too little when you need an answer. Let me show you the path to a new you.

Master Makeup Artist, Skin Care Specialist and Cosmetic Surgery Procedure Consultant Susan Gail — Preparation, Recovery, and the Information Patients Need for Everything in Between

Susan Gail is a cosmetic surgery consultant, author, master makeup artist, and skin care expert with more than 25 years of experience helping patients prepare for, and properly recover from, cosmetic surgery. If you are considering any cosmetic procedure, consultant Susan Gail will provide you with caring attention and support, honest advice, and a guiding voice both before and after cosmetic surgery.

Susan uses her own experience as a patient and her expertise as a cosmetic surgery consultant to provide objective cosmetic surgery information, products to aid in surgery preparation, and inspiration to be an educated and active participant in your cosmetic surgery planning.

To speak with a professional cosmetic surgery procedure consultant, contact Susan Gail today.

Cosmetic Surgery: Before, Between and After
With humor and rare honesty, patient consultant Susan Gail explains the entire process of cosmetic surgery in 15 steps. Having been there herself, Susan leads you through the unexpected pitfalls to achieve the results you want.

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