Master Makeup Artist, Skin Care Specialist and Cosmetic Surgery Consultant Susan Gail Provides Facelift, Breast Lift, Other Surgical Recovery Information, and More

Cosmetic surgery consultant Susan Gail helps her clients ready themselves as much as possible for their cosmetic procedures. When providing a facelift, breast lift, or any other cosmetic procedure, surgeons provide information during the pre-op appointment regarding recovery plans and what to expect after surgery.

Unfortunately, surgeons are frequently afraid of overwhelming patients and subsequently leave them in the dark about many issues related to surgical preparation and recovery. To put it simply, surgeons do not always tell you all you need to know to successfully and comfortably recover from your breast lift or other surgery. This is where the information, advice, and guidance provided by cosmetic surgery consultant Susan Gail is most valuable. Having undergone cosmetic surgery herself and seen the pitfalls of receiving information only from a surgeon, Susan has dedicated herself to educating, informing, and inspiring cosmetic surgery patients. She provides cosmetic surgery consultations, post-op skin care products, as well as her book, Cosmetic Surgery: Before, Between and After, which provides information, motivation, and inspiration to complement all of her other products and services.

Just a Few of the Items Needed for a Successful Facelift, Breast Lift or Other Cosmetic Surgery Recovery

A lumbar pillow – It doesn’t take long for the body to become sore when inactive. When recovering from surgery, a comfortable lumbar pillow is essential to ease pressure and maintain comfort.

Safe skin care products – It is important to wash your face with the proper skin care products following a facelift or other facial surgery. For the best possible result, it is also imperative to take proper care of the skin of the body after breast lift surgery or other cosmetic body surgeries are performed. Cosmetic surgery consultant Susan Gail provides preparation and recovery information for all types of surgeries. Skin care products should be hypoallergenic and specifically formulated for dry, sensitive skin. Cleansers should have a moisturizing component as well.

Gentle, effective creams – After a breast lift or any other type of surgical recovery, the scars that are created need special treatment. Cosmetic surgery consultant Susan Gail’s facial creams include a triple antibiotic cream, a vitamin E moisturizer for the lips, and body lotion.

A mild laxative – Inactivity and pain medications can cause a person to have a tough time performing even the most rudimentary body functions.

Mouthwash – After a facelift, it may be days until a toothbrush can fit in your mouth. Every effort to maintain hygienic normalcy during this time will help your overall sense of well being.

Homeopathic remedies – Homeopathy is a natural pharmaceutical science that derives its ingredients from plants, minerals, animals, and natural chemicals. Breast lift and other types of cosmetic surgery recovery programs use homeopathic remedies to heal surgical wounds, detoxify after anesthesia, and reduce bruising,

Lubricating eye drops – From a survey of Susan Gail’s clients, she has discovered that most have dry eyes after surgery, regardless of whether their surgery specifically targeted the eyes. This is many times due to anesthesia.

For helpful advice regarding facelift, breast lift, or any other type of cosmetic surgery preparation or recovery information or guidance, or to discuss any of Susan’s other products or services, contact Susan Gail today.