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Plastic surgery consultant Susan Gail empowers patients to be bold and responsible about the information they seek, the decisions they make, and the preparations for plastic surgery they undertake. Susan has seen it all and now uses her personal experience, as well as the knowledge she has gained in her 25 years of working with patients and surgeons as a plastic surgery consultant, to provide vital information, advice, and guidance. In the process, she helps patients prepare for, and recover from, plastic surgery. As a patient consultant and author of Cosmetic Surgery: Before, Between and After, Susan helps patients with pre- and post-surgery guidance that prepares them both physically and emotionally for surgery.

Plastic surgery is not a day at the spa. Rather, a plastic surgery procedure is a serious undertaking that requires a full analysis of all the issues involved — from choosing realistic goals for your procedure and a surgeon who can obtain them, to knowing which questions to ask, to minimizing inconvenience, enhancing comfort, and aiding healing for the best possible result after surgery.

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Cosmetic Surgery Preparations and Recoveries

As a knowledgeable third party and information resource about any cosmetic surgery procedure, consultant Susan Gail’s goal is to provide patients with the knowledge that they need to achieve the results they want. While cosmetic surgeons aim to provide their patients with their desired results, the goals and expectations of a surgeon and his or her patients are not always in synch. For this reason, both patients and surgeons benefit from the services of a cosmetic surgery consultant. The information that is needed and the proper way to communicate your goals with your surgeon are not always clear. By fostering a more open and informed dialogue with surgeons, patients are more likely to gain full knowledge of what can be expected from surgery, and then decide whether it is or is not for them.

During your cosmetic surgery preparations and recovery, consultant Susan Gail will provide you with the following help:

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Cosmetic Surgery Consultations

Cosmetic surgery consultant Susan Gail provides patients with long-distance consultations and coaching over the phone, advice and support through e-mail correspondence. She also provides the comfort that comes with having a cosmetic surgery consultant who is there to provide help, encouragement, and support during every step of the cosmetic surgery process.

No matter your age, gender, sexual orientation, or other individual characteristics, Susan Gail is here to help you achieve the cosmetic surgery results you desire by providing you with the information you need for your preparation and recovery, and everything you need to be secure and comfortable in your decision.

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Plastic Surgery Consultant Susan Gail — Trusted Phone

Plastic surgery consultant Susan Gail provides emotional support and inspiration and helps aid productive and beneficial communication with surgeons. During your preparation for plastic surgery, there are many unanswered questions. Exactly what will take place? How do I interact with my friends and family? What should I realistically expect from my plastic surgery? These and other questions cross the minds of virtually all plastic surgery patients. It takes a trusted plastic surgery consultant to provide the information that patients need to be as prepared as possible for surgery.

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Why Is It Important to Have a Plastic Surgery Consultant?

There are many reasons to obtain the services of a plastic surgery consultant. Most of the plastic surgery information that someone considering this type of procedure receives comes from surgeons themselves. While reputable medical professionals are certainly reliable and trustworthy individuals, to obtain optimal results and truly prepare for a healthy and comfortable surgical recovery, an objective third party is often needed.

According to Dr. Oscar Ramirez, John Hopkins Hospital plastic surgeon and researcher, nearly half of all plastic surgery patients experience depression in the weeks after their surgery. This is the highest rate for any surgical procedure! Dr. Ramirez believes that one possible cause of this depression is the high expectations that patients have for their plastic surgery. Even if the results of a procedure turn out to be just as you had hoped, it can take a significant amount of time for those results to appear. While this may seem like an obvious statement, it is not always easy to maintain a realistic vision in light of the immediate results of plastic surgery. Consultant Susan Gail has spent decades working with patients and their surgeons during their preparation for plastic surgery. By fully preparing individuals for surgery and helping them develop realistic goals and an awareness that patience is required, plastic surgery consultant Susan Gail is able to provide the information and advice that helps reduce the likelihood of this common post-op depression. She can accomplish this while helping you obtain more beautiful results and an easier, more comfortable recovery!

Consulting Services — Don’t Go It Alone!

Plastic surgery consultant Susan Gail’s one-hour sessions are completely confidential. During these sessions she will guide you through the most vital moments of your decision- making process. Hour One will take place prior to your surgery. Hour Two will occur after you have seen at least three surgeons. Susan will then help you choose the surgeon who is best able to meet your specific needs for your upcoming surgery. In each of your sessions, plastic surgery consultant Susan Gail will provide you with crucial information and guide you regarding your health, safety, and confidence. For any type of procedure, your consultation will make all the difference in your preparation for plastic surgery. There will be no smoke and mirrors. No false hopes. What plastic surgery consultant Susan Gail’s clients get is a no-nonsense approach and complete attention and commitment to truth and excellence.

Hour One Includes:

In Hour Two, You Will Be Provided with:

Post-surgery consulting is also available, as are plastic surgery consultant Susan Gail’s book, Cosmetic Surgery, Before Between and After.

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