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I work to help plastic surgery patients become bold in their quest, informed in their choices, and responsible in their decisions.
Susan Gail

For those who are seeking any type of cosmetic procedure, including breast augmentation, breast implant surgery, and specialized skin care, Susan Gail provides plastic surgery consultations that fill the gap that often exists between patients’ desired results and the surgeons’ art. The information provided by Susan Gail is not optional when it comes to preparing for and recovering from cosmetic surgery. It’s required!

Cosmetic Surgery Consultations

Cosmetic surgery consultant, skin care expert, and author of Cosmetic Surgery: Before, Between and After, Susan Gail provides long-distance coaching and correspondence by e-mail to help patients achieve their cosmetic surgery goals. Whether you are preparing for or recovering from breast implant surgery, breast augmentation, or another cosmetic procedure, the information, support, and advice provided by Susan Gail are invaluable.

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Skin Care Products for Cosmetic Surgery Recovery

When recovering from facial cosmetic surgery, a breast augmentation, breast implant surgery, or any other cosmetic procedure, the importance of proper skin care cannot be over-emphasized. Now you can stop worrying about which skin care products to use on your face after surgery. By choosing skin care products that specifically aid the healing process, cosmetic surgery consultant Susan Gail helps patients improve their surgical results.

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